"August Sneed knows that he can't master an empire on his own..."

When he discovers the FIG's ability to infiltrate human minds, he forms a partnership with the Figments of the Imagination trapped in the dark mines below.  In return for freedom, the FIGs agree to trespass into the minds of the Regulators of the cities he chooses to control, making him the ultimate Puppet Master.  He is then free to create miniatures of this conquests and place them inside glass orbs, where he can keep a watchful eye.

All is going well until a group of meddling teens uncover a series of secrets.  Ed and his friends, known as the Quack Pack, discover that their city is not the paradise it claims to be.  Growing suspicions set them on a dangerous path as they seek to discover the truth.

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"There are two of them. I'm sure of it!"

The two mischievous squirrels that live inside Timothy love to make his heart race and his stomach lurch - all day long. This leaves Timothy with anxious feelings that never go away and sometimes cause him to make poor choices. One day, when Timothy gets some bad news at school, the squirrels get excited and do their best to mess with Timothy’s insides. However; by using a few simple strategies, Timothy is able to show the squirrels that he’s boss, and able to keep his anxiety under control.​

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"Queenie's been napping..."

Jasper’s head is buzzing! His brain is stuffed with bees who fill his head with random thoughts and make it hard for him to concentrate. Queenie, his brain’s regulator, usually helps to filter the ideas in his head and keep the bees’ energy under control. But one day, Queenie decides to take a nap leaving no one in charge. Trying to be helpful, two of Queenie’s most playful bees decide to carry on without her, making Jasper’s head feel even worse! But by working together, the two bees are able to come up with a few simple strategies to help Jasper keep his thoughts organized.

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"I have a pair of sneaky geckos, who like to lounge across my glasses, spreading their fingers 'round the lenses, spilling out like webbed molasses…"

The sticky feet of two geckos cover up the lenses of a young girl’s glasses. This makes it difficult for her to be truthful about what she sees. When she decides to spin tales to fill in the missing details, she loses all her friends. Discover how the geckos help her to unveil the truth and learn a valuable lesson about honesty.

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"Today is going to be a lopsided day..."

Do you wear special pajamas on weekends? Does your breakfast food start with the same letter as the day of the week? Does it bother you to look at crooked pictures, work with someone unfamiliar, learn in a new space, or have your day turn out differently than you planned? What if a book is placed out of order, or someone else uses your spot? For most of us, changes in routine are easy. But for others, the day can stretch out like chewed up bubble gum…

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Trish Hammond is an elementary school principal. Her many years in the field of education, have led her to write resources for children that explore the issues of mental and emotional health. She is the author of four educational picture books: I Have Squirrels in my Belly (Anxiety), I Have Bees in my Brain (Inattentiveness), I Have Geckos on my Glasses (a poem about honesty) and  Sometimes it's Hard to be Me (dealing with Change).

​She also enjoys writing young adult fiction and is the author of The Mind Thief, a fantasy book for teens.

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